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The mode of taking examination has been shifted to digital due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Various institutions and colleges have to face big challenges to meet the standard of offline examination. The biggest challenge in front of them was to examine without involving any misleading activities. The proctoring software helps to monitor the students through webcam and helps in transferring the data to the proctored service for review. The demand for remote proctoring has been increased not only for schools\colleges students but for the students who want to clear their entrance tests to get admission to an overseas foreign university.

Remote proctoring providesseveral benefits to the students and the organizations and these are explained below. So, the top advantages of the proctored exam are-

1. Agility- The students can take online examinations from home because it eliminates the involvement of individuals. Unlike, the offline mode of examination the process was so time-consuming whereas, the online mode of examination saves the efforts and the time of the people and that makes the whole process agile.

2. Security- The basic difference between the offline and the online mode of taking exams is that under offline you need to pay extra caution to avoid any misleading activity while remote proctoring is a safe and secure method to overlook the students while giving the exam. By utilizing our online exam web app and online exam mobile application, now educational institutes can easily conduct any basic level of test to the main exam using an online platform that reduces the overall complexity.

3. Large students can appear for the exam- The remote proctoring allows a large number of students to appear in an exam from anywhere around the corner. Such convenience has made remote proctoring a good choice for the institutions as well for students.

4. Advanced monitoring features- Another advantage of proctored exams are Advance AI integrated tool that has taken remote proctoring to the next level. It is because machine learning and advanced face detection tools or technology can deliver concise, accurate results and is a plus point that can outperform human proctors. Such advanced factors can help organizations and institutions to achieve a higher level of integrity by removing bias or human error.

5. Fast results- The online exams deliver quick results because of the proctoring software. The students can check their results, evaluate the exam quickly. Also, if students are appearing for the objective exam, then as soon as they would finish their exam, the result will be declared on the spot, whereas, if they appear in a subjective exam, the result may take a few days.

6. Cost-effective option- As no longer a large number of invigilators are involved during an online exam this reduces the organization’s cost of conducting the examination. An online mode is the fastest mode of conducting the examination where institutions are required to spend their money on software to upload the questions and candidate’s authentic details into the software. This reduces the overhead expenses of printing the question paper and answer sheets for a large number of students.

7. Convenience- The students are benefitted from the online proctoring exam as they do not need to travel to the test center for appearing for an exam. They can easily give the exam while sitting at home. They only need a faster internet connection to give exams smoothly. Thus, remote proctoring is a convenient method of taking the examination for thousands of students.

8. Easy to use for candidates- Appearing for an online exam is easier for the students because first, they can take the exam while sitting at home, second, they can re-edit the written material that was not possible while giving the exam on paper. Thus, remote proctoring comes with great benefits to the students.

9. Environment friendly and saves a lot of time- The online proctoring promotes environment friendliness because it saves the use of paper. Also, it saves time for the administrator right from creating question papers, adding authentic candidate’s information, and evaluating the answer sheets. All can be done with automated technology without human involvement. Therefore, remote proctoring is an environment friendly and time-saving tool and has a huge demand nowadays.

10. Tracking option- The remote proctoring is of several types like online, advanced proctoring where the candidate is being observed through audio, video, and webcam. The live online proctoring gives accurate and genuine highlights from the candidate’s exam. Online tracking helps the administrator to look at the candidate throughout the exam whether they are doing their paper alone or along with friends. This minimizes the unfair practices and misleading acts by a student. Tracking enables end-to-end security with proper measures.

11. Reduce the chance of misleading activity- Throughout the exams, students found cheating from the answer sheet of the fellow mates in the examination center hall. Thus, with remote proctoring, the chances of cheating and other misleading acts get eliminated because throughout the exam there is someone (proctor) who is watching you. So, you cannot cheat and thus, this will maintain the decorum of giving exams.

12. Technical support- Another important advantage to the students during an online exam is that they can ask for technical support anytime if any problem occurs in between the exams. The proctor will also help in identifying the problem and get it fixed at the earliest. So, the students should not be worried and do not let the small problem affect their exam.

To conclude-
With every single thing getting digitalized, the mode of examination is also becoming digital for the betterment of the students. Neglecting exams can destroy the bright future of the students and hence remote proctoring is the solution.
These were some of the advantages of the proctored exam. It becomes an urgent need for the whole world after the outbreak of a pandemic situation. The online exams are convenient for both the proctor and the students. Plus, every possible measure is taken to avoid misleading activities during an exam. The proctored exams are the timed exams and hence, students get limited time to access the internet, and chances of cheating get reduced. Online examination is becoming the easiest and convenient mode of taking examinations with the help of proctoring software and thus, proves to be a budget-friendly way.