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Founded in 2009, iPrism Technologies is a digital solutions company specializing in advanced mobile app and web development as well as software development services. It is a US-based firm with its development center in India while it also operates from Saudi Arabia. The team has been serving commendably under the able guidance of their CEO Mohammed Masrat with a team of extremely proficient resources. The firm has catered to numerous businesses from diverse industries with relevant IT solutions irrespective of the business size serving from start-ups to large enterprises.



The firm was founded with a passion for technology as the base. The firm has completed more than 100 projects with the help of its in-house team consisting of more than 100 technicians. As the CEO of the firm, Mohammed Masrat finds himself in many decision-making positions, like strategic planning and setting directions for an entire team. He also leads the sales operations and periodically interacts with their valuable clients.

To understand the CEO’s vision and the firm’s approach, GoodFirms conducted one-on-one with Mohammed Masrat. The minutes of that conversation is divulged here.

Web Development Services Delivered in an Inclusive Environment:

Mohammed Masrat keenly shared about the methodology at iPrism Technologies. He said that their dexterous in-house team works proficiently in iterative delivery, where progress is shared with the clients in sprints. The team’s primary focus is on perfection with speed and agility, and incorporating customers needs to produce a solution that resonates perfectly with the customer’s requirements and ideology. They conduct periodic scrums and maintain an ecosystem of inclusion where the customer is never left unaware of the project proceedings.

The firm has been delivering solutions to diverse industries like Health & Fitness, Entertainment, Personal Care, Education, and Social Networking and has still been capable of maintaining healthy business relationships with their clientele and witnessing 83% repeat collaborations. When asked about the actual development process for mobile applications, the CEO stated that a lot of consideration goes into the process and planning before things start to materialize. Where the discovery and designing phase consumes 40-80 hours of effort, 300-600 hours go into the overall development of the application.

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Manager at DeVeera, Jay Patel, explained why it was gratifying to work with iPrism Technologies while handing them out a 5-star rating on GoodFirms.

It comes as no surprise that iPrism Technologies ranks as one of the top web development companies in Hyderabad at GoodFirms owing to their team’s ability and Mohammed Masrat’s efficient stewardship.

Mobile App Development Fused With Technical Proficiency:

When asked about the factors that drive the decision in mobile app development, he explained that a lot of decisions are based on the time at hand and the budget along with the market that is being targeted. Geography, too plays a part in the decision making as he gave the example of the Asian Market where the firm usually suggests going for an Android app to the clients, whereas iOS-based apps are recommended for the US market. Since there is a distinct difference in the back-and and front-end components, framework selection is also given its due diligence.

Exceptional technical competence and a drive to innovate ensure that iPrism Technologies will soon feature into the record of the top app development companies at GoodFirms.

Akhilesh Alle, who is the Managing Director at Proffers, shares the experience while collaborating with the iPrism Technologies:

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A mobile app in React Native is often considered when secure integrations and heavy data handling components are kept in the view. Such a development is often powered by a Django/Python back-end on top of a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. Since clients desire their application to have a high visual appeal, about 75% of the development goes into the front-end while the remaining 25% goes into the back-end development. Their solutions are delivered in the most advanced technologies like React, Angular, and Vue for front-end, Node.js, and PHP frameworks (such as Laravel and Symphony) for back-end, Native, Hybrid and Flutter for mobile development.

For detailed information on the insights divulged by CEO Mohammed Masrat, please read the comprehensive interview at GoodFirms.

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