Android Applications and it’s Technologies Trends

Android OS is a Linux-based open-source platform for mobile cellular handsets developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. In the early time, the cupcake version is used, it is now updated to the new version of Android OS. Currently, Oreo OS is being used. Android app developers are still implementing many new features for the customers. The Android application development companies research and acquire knowledge on every new version or technologies which are being updated. These applications development is increasing quotidian in the current world.


Last year i.e. in 2017 approximately 254 billion apps were downloaded. This trend will increase in 2018. Google Android comes with new innovative ideas every year and it will make it further bigger and exciting. Look out for trends in Android application development in 2018.

  • Android Instant App – With this latest Android application development you will be able to save your phone memory. There are various apps on our phone which we download and use very often and they acquire a lot of storage space on our phone. With the Android instant app, you can view and use certain apps without actually downloading the application on your phone. So when Android apps development companies develop an app, they should make it compatible with this new feature.
  • Internet of things – the Internet of things (IoT) is the most trending topic among various business sectors. They play a vital role in Android application development. Google has invested a lot in this to create an interactive and user-friendly product. With everything being connected there is an immense opportunity for innovation in Android apps. The app developers can take advantage of this opportunity to generate higher revenues from this business.
  • Extra Security in Apps – There are a lot of confidential data stored on the smartphone. With more and investment in blockchains, the security needs to be tightened. Hence Android will invest and make the security for Androids apps even tighter and strong. The apps will be available with built-in security to avoid any fraud or theft of data. The online payment model requires apps to be strong and Android needs to raise the bar in terms of security level.
  • Augmented and Virtual reality – Pokemon Go was a sensation with virtual reality integration. In 2018 we will witness AR and VR is not only gaming apps but also in other domains. Android apps developers can excel and get more customers by developing apps with AR or VR concepts in it. This will add a more realistic outlook. We will witness more advanced solutions in apps.
  • Cloud-based apps – In order to keep the data safe and avoid loss of data online storage options like Google Drive and Dropbox is available. The new apps will directly fetch data from cloud storage to reduce the internal memory load of mobiles. This will be useful for business users who have a large amount of data. Developers can integrate this system into their apps to get more cloud-based app traffic.
  • Accelerated mobile page – This is to enhance the loading of a page on mobile with better ad visibility, easy content replacement, CTR, etc. Facebook instant

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