Developer Preview of Android P: Take a Look at the Enticing Features

A new version is updated in the android ie Android P and this is not the final version. Google need to do many more adjustments and updates till the final version comes. As per the mobile app development companies, they will a chance to learn all the nuances developing so that they develop all their applications. Let’s analyze the features of android p in a teeny weeny second.


1) Higher Security Standards

Your apps running in the background can track your details. Well, not anymore with the newer version. Now, there is a restriction imposed on the sensor, camera, and microphone of the apps which are left idle. If anyone tries to use them, an error will be generated if any of the apps try to use any such details.

Security specification high:

Some apps can track our details. But with the android P makes the phone and our personal data secure.

2. Zooming Text :

We can zoom a particular part of the required text, Magnifier tool in Android P helps to zoom.

3. Multi-Camera API

Android P enables the multiple streams from two or more cameras. The API of the newer version has a fused camera stream. This will allow an automatic switch between two or more lenses. With Android P, users will be able to take benefit of features like seamless zoom, stereo vision, and bokeh.

4. Google Reply :

Google Allo has the feature of smart reply and it got integrated into Android P already. All the chatting applications will be soon applicable.

Android Applications Development Trends

In today’s world, every individual use  mobile phones. Mobile phones became very essential need to humans. Many phones are being launched in the market with  n number of models. As the number of users of smartphones is increasing proportionally the number of users using mobile applications is also increasing proportionally. Mobile users started using mobile apps then mobile sites. Automatically the scope of mobile app developers is in demand as mobile website developers.

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