Factors Influence for Ranking in Play Store and App Store

App developers have more challenging roles in recent days to make perfect the mobile app ranking the app store. For an Android developer, then this taken is even more difficult as the number of mobile applications on Google play store. According to 2017 December statistics the number of users crossed 3.5 million.

If the customer confinement and bond is important to keep your app on the first priority, we need an acute strategy to pledge with the competitors. Users can easily agitate your application with in less period of time and this helps to setback the application boosting.


How Google play store ranks the app?

Similarly as website ranking on various search engines, the applications too are ranked in Google play store. Google play store also uses different strategy and important factors to rank the app.

These all includes the total users who downloaded the application, the ratings and reviews the app confinement time on the smartphones. The application can be uninstalled within fraction of time it is installed.

Role Played by APP Store Optimization (ASO):

ASO or app store optimization is very essential in determining the success rate of the app. According to a study, 50% of downloaded Android app were discovered in app store searches. So, it is necessary to pay attention on ASO. If you miss this ranking would decline.

Certainly, ASO is identified as the most important marketing channel and below listed are some of the process which is followed with searching a keyword. Therefore keyword holds the key. ASO also have large potential to attract more number of audience. It helps in increasing the trust factor of the users and also conversion rate.

When you want to target the customers with keywords, it is important to opt the right keyword. Need to focus on the relevances , difficulty and traffic which is defining the keywords. You need to search for lower difficulty score in order to rank the app in the top.

Opting the Explicit Title:

We have already aware of how important the search is so as to make perfect the  app and for further improvement the chances of app discoverability, choosing a perfect title for the app is very important.

Paying an Attention to the App Rating Review and UX:

The app ratings and reviews are holding  a key position when it comes to boost the rank the app in the Google app store. According to a statistic, many customers more than about 92% customers read the reviews today before downloading the app as compared to 88% in 2014. Then it cannot be ignored at any cost.

Add Description to the App:

While adding the description of the app we need to make sure the description is very small and precise. The description need to accurate to the app.

Focusing on the App Promotions:

We need to focus the application promoting in Google play store. The main promoting sites are Google, Facebook, etc. Content marketing is very important role play in App store optimization. Especially Submit Guest Post concept is one of the best strategy in content marketing.


The mobile application industries have a rapid growth in the current world. The applications have a lot of competition. Keeping the app on top of the Google play store is certainly an important task to do.  The developers need to focus on the process how to increase the application.

Android plays an important role for a business, there is a saying that business without an application is not worth. Android app growth will surely hack the business. With the help of the android app the business can increase their market globally.

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