Mobile UX Designing Trends of 2018

ccording to 2017 December period, people are very anxious about the Christmas and the New year and they are busy in searching the present new applications that will help the users in 2018. Coming to the mobile design ideas which are new which changes similarly to the world of fashion. All the mobile designs which are in a market also keep changing, those applications are under the process of alteration and developing owing to the competition growing.

                          Currently speaking the fact, the user expects the some different feature in the application according to their need. If the user downloads the application and then if they checks for the feature he requires incase if the feature is not available the every next second the user deletes the application. Your application rating and reviews results in bad.

                      About 53% of the users leave behind the application because of slow download and wrong designing methods, according to a survey this is stated. If you all want to attract customers to use the applications, UI and UX designs is the way to impress the users. So, an application developer need to know all the new technologies and acquaint the latest designs that will have overwhelmed change in future mobile designs. Mobile app development companies have  a keen importance for development of applications.


1. Simple Approach with simple color choice:

Application won’t slow down because of technical reason but due to complex designing actions can also lead to a confusion. Try to design things or application in a clean, simple and straightforward without doing too many experiments.

The simple approach needs to developed or employed when taking a selection on the color idea.The developer at the point of output have different strategies and their imagination will be put to test.

The developer who works on this need to look for the best color and they need to decide whether they can opt for an bright , light or more vibrant color. Adding the embodiment color is an advantage. In case of customized designed according to the specifications of the client is more effective.

Well you have to bid goodbye to the traditional methods of unlocking your phone using password, pin or pattern. This is because it’s time to say hello to new advanced techniques, which have not only made your phone securer but also unlocking the phone has become much easier. Recently during the grand launch of iPhone X, Apple Inc. brought forward the concept of face detection.

2. To unlock the phone -face detection and touch id:

We know the traditional methods which we are following from many days like password, pin & pattern. Here we should welcome a new advanced techniques which will help our phone more secure but also unlocking the phone has become much simpler. Recently during the launch of iPhone X, Apple Inc. brought forward the concept of face detection.

In the current generation Apple is a competitor to all the companies to develop new technologies.Here the user need to open their eyes wide and look towards the screen of the phone.

Another feature we have other than face detection is the fingerprint. This type of feature also helps to keep the data secure and private data in our mobiles. No one can other than you can access the mobile.

3. New ideas for app icons and material designs will rule:

Material design is a new concept that Google introduced in 2014 and from then designing the applications icons become very easy and very beautiful.

Application icons is very important while downloading the applications. If it is very attractive users will download the application. Knowledge on these is important to design an eye catching icon.

4. 2018 -Card designs have more craze:

Card-based designs help to market the applications so that the information can be displayed. With the Google merge it into material designs, it gained impulsive within a year is arrived. The effective techniques through which the material design got credit is card design. Cards like Business card, invitation card, announcement card, brochure, poster, and flyer. Here is a platform called PhotoADKing that allows its users to create all these marketing materials with ease. Its users are most satisfied with its tool called the flyer maker tool.


We can conclude that from the above discussions that the 2018 year is going to bring new opportunities for the designers. Already half of the year is successfully completed where we can see a rapid growth in this.

With the change in time more challenges will be faced with more difficulty and so we need to prepare the group to face the war.

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