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Genuine traffic is a strong indicator of a reliable and robust website. Every digital marketer knows the relevance of organic search results.

You have got a website and tried all the techniques to boost the traffic. But, not still satisfied with the results?

Achieving organic is not tricky. But, yes. It requires little hard work, consistency, and patience. We’ll discuss ‘how-to’ in this article.

Sharpen your focus on keywords:

Words are the basis of the whole content presented. It’s an art to choose the appropriate keywords and use them in the proper context. No doubt, they can wonder in your SERP rankings.

Tips for using keywords accurately:

#1 Check for keywords competing with each other on different web pages; keyword cannibalization. It’s better to change keywords, delete those pages, do rel= “canonical” or de-index.

#2 Keyword analysis and implementation can generate traffic quickly. In addition, understand the user search intent and then develop the content.

#3 Use long-tail keywords as they have low competition. Additionally, a word count of more than 2000 words helps in boosting Google rankings.

#4 Look for keyword gaps in your competitor’s content. Avail this chance to optimize already developed content. You can even analyze; what are the areas left in which you can create new content.

SEO services in India profoundly analyze your industry’s keywords and offer an appropriate strategy for boosting genuine traffic growth.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Google gives high importance to the compatibility of your website with Mobile. Its reason is simple. More than 90% of the global population uses the internet on Mobile.

Think about the convenience of your website. It promotes customer retention. Further, conversion rates also rise dramatically. Methods to improve mobile friendliness:

Engaging web design plays a crucial role in driving website traffic and ensuring its success. In today’s digital landscape, where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, having a visually appealing and user-friendly website is of utmost importance.

A well-designed website captivates visitors, encourages them to explore further, and ultimately converts them into loyal customers. It creates a positive user experience by providing intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and visually compelling elements that keep users engaged.

# Content Strategy

Content is the binding force between your customer and the website. You can either make or break with the type of content.

Mobiles have a shortage of space. Moreover, users have a shorter attention span due to information overload these days.

Complex and a big piece of text can shoo away customers instantly. On the other, short and compelling sentences with enough space grab their attention.

# Work on Core Web Vitals

User interaction and user experience have a high impact on the core web vitals. Page speed improves considerably by

a. Optimize images and videos
b. Implement AMP.
c. Adopt responsive website design.

Smart Link Building

Catching hold of quality links in your niche is of utmost importance for Link Building. Besides, it saves your time and efforts. You can’t begin out of the blue. The proper strategy gives direction and fruitful results.
How to implement link building strategy?

#Digital Public relations

PR uses digital marketing and social media to spread your brand awareness. It has a significant impact on link building. Internet-based PR can be enhanced by:

a. Keep a regular check on social media events in your industry. Then, try active involvement in them!

b. There are several like-minded communities or groups on different platforms. In addition, some tested methods are regularly updating your current services and sharing informational posts.

c. You can even write niche-centric articles for online magazines.

# Guest blogging

Writing blogs for other websites free of cost to earn backlinks is Guest Blogging. It is the best way to get organic traffic from popular sites. It’s advisable to write content matching your industry and subject. Otherwise, Google may penalize your website, considering it to be black-hat SEO. Even a single backlink from an authoritative blog will greatly benefit your SEO. We provide best SEO Services in India, Hyderabad.

# Resource Link building

Resource link building is the practice of earning links from authority websites. Resource websites generally contain a list of helpful links at the end of the page. It benefits the reader to research additional information on the subject. Ways for effortless link building:

a. Leverage the quality of your content. Analyze! Keywords with high competition or content gap in the market. Then, come up with novel solutions in your text.

b. Find broken links of the high-authority sites in your domain like .edu or .gov. Outreach them with this list. Then, request them to place your web page link in return.

c. Personalized emails have a higher impact. So, try sending emails with a different and innovative approach.

It adds quality links to your site and not just quantity. So you can take them as votes with a much higher value than low-quality votes.

Cover FAQ section

Have you wondered that Google addresses your queries? People also ask section! User put their questions in the search console. When many visitors ask for the same type of subjects, Google displays it in the FAQ section. It dramatically aids users.

You can channelize this opportunity very well. How to design the content according to FAQ? Simple. First, put this section at the end of the main content. It will not hinder the flow of the original idea.

Start with comprehension. What could be the concern areas of your customers? Then, provide the most suitable solutions to their problems. Other than that, see the issue from all angles. Then, you’ll be able to step into the shoes of your client. Accordingly, come up with unique explanations.


SEO, content, backlinks, and user intent are the four pillars of organic website growth. So, you can follow the action steps written in the article above to raise high traffic.