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Microsoft had released an update, a few months ago, that came with many flaws and software glitches affecting several Windows users. The main issue was noted when users found difficulties in connecting a printer to the system through USB cable.

However, the software glitch and bug issue has been occurring to those users using the Windows 10 1903 version. The problem has been specified as a connection issue when a user shuts down the system that is connected to a printer. Upon reopening the system, the printer port is not visible and unavailable to complete any of the assigned tasks.

As of now, Microsoft Team has made some suggestions regarding the matter. The team had promised to bring a solution to the problem thus, they recommend keeping a printer powered on before connecting it to the Windows operating system to avoid connection complications. However, that is not the only solution provided by the team. In fact, the developers have also mentioned that they’d be releasing an update to fix the problem, soon in the near future.

What was the Issue?

In order to carry out any tasks using the printer, the printer port must be available for recognition. And, this is exactly where many users were facing the problem. Upon further discussion, Microsoft reveals that there are mainly two reasons why the problem occurs.

Microsoft mentions that, if the USB printer, that a user is trying to connect, has a Language Monitor, then most likely, a call-out-feature known as OpenPortEx will not work. Thus, printer operations are unavailable due to Language Monitor operations which are hard to fix. Thus, you need to seek assistance from Printer repair services.

Now, the second reason why the problem occurs is when the port simply does not appear when a user tries to connect through “Printer Server properties” through “Devices and Printers”. Thus, the user becomes unable to perform any printer related operations.

The recent June 2004 Update came with a lot of trouble among which the main is related to printers. Microsoft says that since the printer will not be able to print anything or carry out any other printer tasks, which do not exclude any PDF creating a tool for any software-based printer.


Microsoft also discussed the printers that are affected, such as Brother, Ricoh, Canon, Panasonic, Kyocera, and HP. To bring a solution, the Microsoft team had mentioned to rule out the update version (KB4557957). But, on the contrary, removing the update will also result in other severe issues related to security protocols.

Interestingly, the affected users also mentioned that their AVG, Avast, and other security software were also not responsive after the Windows 10 latest update. Upon questioning Microsoft, the team specifically mentioned that AVG and Avast team has assessed the problem from their side.

What’s Microsoft’s Solution to the Issue?

As promised by the Microsoft team, the fix for the issue on Windows 10 is out. Surprisingly, the update fix contains algorithms and codes implemented with Machine Learning to detect the older versions of Windows 10. Also, there is one solution for the problem, that was released, will solve the problem among a few printers like Brother, Ricoh, Panasonic, and Canon.

Since the Microsoft team did a rollback on the Tuesday Patch, affected users will now be able to get the Security Update by reinstalling it. In-depth, Microsoft mentions that the updated fix is available for Windows 10 versions of both 1909 and 1803. As per more details, the rest of the affected users will receive the update a few days later.

Where is the Update Available?

If you’ve been looking forward to receiving the auto-update then you may be disappointed. This is because Microsoft has not brought the auto-update patch. However, you’d have to do it manually. The update can be retrieved from the Update catalogue section on the Microsoft official update page. Microsoft also says that some users may not receive any solution as the update is an optional, out-of-band version.

It would be advisable to go forth with the out-of-band optional update, only if you’ve faced the printer issue previously. Meanwhile, the update patch named “KB4567512” resolves issues that affect Windows 10 users of both 1909 and 1903 versions. On the other hand, the second patch named “KB4567513” deals with fixing the same issue on Windows 10 8099 version. Lastly, the third patch named “KN4567514” fixes the printer bug in Windows 10 1803 version.

In the final briefing, Microsoft mentioned that upon doing surveys, the issue was increasingly affecting more users. They had started receiving multiple reports from users regarding the problem along with more issues like compatibility with drivers. Also, there were issues with browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.


Microsoft released a brief fix mentioning that they are working on the next phase of the update. It will soon roll out with the abilities of Machine Learning. Using those, Microsoft will be able to cover more users, by detecting older versions. They also mentioned that their progress in using Machine learning has begun. Over time, the progress will gradually increase to auto-update the patches for printer repair soon!

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