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Let’s begin with a simple story presently it’s processing in an outstanding job. Currently, pool cabs are very trendy in this digitalized world and it is very convenient for the people. It is started by a frustrated person who is unable to go to his workplace on time. He got an idea, Why we can’t move in time without waiting and in comfort manner to our destination by staying at our certain place. One idea changes the life of all citizens worldwide. He built the pool cab mobile application in all various specification. At present days it is popular world wide and it is succeeded with an estimation of 140 Million users approximately using cabs.

mobile application of pool cabsIt chose the platform of Mobile Applications and Website to access the process for booking the pool and it also prominent to share the economy in the society. The ideology of the cabs is very friendly and supportive to the people. Predominantly it is useful to the job holders and business holders to travel one place to another without waiting for other relevance and move forward in time. Pool cabs are used in the way of time-based pricing model, it means depends on our time and distance it calculates the cost of travel and waiting for charges if they wait.

Literally, he is moving forward with innovative ideas like electric bicycles, bicycles, Scooty’s and Bikes for hourly based rental purpose. They were very helpful to old-age pensioners and disabled persons in all extend. It synchronized with all categories of riders and also furtherly moves for Pool-Autos. Level of service excellence is increasing step by step daily.

Pool cabs are said to be on-demand service model. The demand is increasing day by day without imagination and conceptualize a fairy unexpected position. It was given the opportunity to the rider by optioning the cab of his desire and gives luxury. Cabs are preferred to all categories of society at an affordable price. There will be a fare estimate to the drivers and access payment in various modes. They will give the delivery report to their higher authority.

The whole processing is going through one single application. It is interacting with the riders and the drivers. Here Coming to the point Application building is very supportive of the business. Planning of on-demand business app contains the primitive approach. It is supportive to the customer and service providers. Obey the demand of the customer through supply chain management and Come back to the customer.

Basically, to pool cabs business we need the features like Geo-location and Routing, Payment Integration, Push notification, Registration, Personal data management, Ride cost estimation, Real-Time functionality, visuals and graphics, calls or text to the app of driver, UI & UX designing. It needs to do three applications for admin, customer and driver.

After booking the ride by a customer they can track the vehicle and can notice the reaching of time near to them. When customers enter into the cab they have to drop down the location and the driver accepts the location then the ride begins to move on. There is a chance to cancel the ride to the customers and commissions availability produces to the drivers.  
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