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With an instant rise in smartphone ownership worldwide, currently, the number of users is about  5.135 billion users are using. Every year the number of users is increasing by 4 % on a year. We, as a business owner, need to oblige the needs of users with the best product which satisfies their needs. Mobile nowadays is very important that humans are unable to survive without it. According to a survey done by flurry analytics, mobile applications are being used more than the mobile websites.  Mobile apps and Mobile website both are available on the mobile phone itself. Both have there owned significance, here is their importance. Being one of the top mobile app development company, we have undertaken plenty of app development as well as mobile web projects, let us help you spot which is the best fit for your business. Finally, you can pick which is more advisable among both depends upon your decision.


Mobile App

The mobile app is actually downloaded and installed on our mobile phones. Some of the applications are used in offline also. Users download the application from their respective application stores such as iOS, Android or Blackberry. Mobile apps can be accessed very faster with a quick response.

Importance of Mobile Application:

  • Offline Access Of The Applications:

The mobile applications are installed on our device, which can be checked without internet also. In case we require anything from the application it can access. The contents and features can easily be handily used.

  • Gaming Applications:

Many people love gaming irrespective of the device they enjoy and have the keen interest. In case of the mobile website for gaming it is somewhat difficult to play, instead, the mobile app is very easy to play. The mobile app is preferable for a foreseen future.

  • Personify Usage:

The mobile app is easily used where ever we are it easily reminds us at that point of time. For an example, in olden days alarms are used to wake up in the morning but nowadays mobiles are used. Mobile is easily carried so we, humans are preferring it.

  • Privacy :

We can secure the data by generating a password and assure no one can access the application. For an example, WhatsApp, Facebook, gallery, emails, etc. Security is needed to secure all our personal info or business info.

  • Notifications:

As a business owner for an application for eCommerce, we can easily notify users who ever downloaded the app.These help the business at the time of offers, discounts.


Mobile Website

Mobile websites are equivalently same to other websites which we browse. These can be browsed by using any kind of mobile internet access whether it is wifi or 3g/4g networks. Similar to the mobile app, mobile websites also display texts, pictures.

  • Quick Usage:

Mobile websites can be easily browsed at the required point of time, In case of the mobile app, it should be downloaded and then used. It won’t take much time to access the information compared to the application which is not available on the device.

  • Multiple Tabs Compatibility:

Users can browse at a time the multiple numbers of websites in different tabs based on the requirement. But this can’t be done in case of mobile apps as the platforms vary for the applications.

  • Update Of The Site Or App :

If any updates are done on the website end it is automatically changed when the user opens the site. In case of mobile applications, the user needs to download the application for the updated version of the application.

  • Storage Of The Device:

Mobile websites don’t occupy any storage in the device, but in case of mobile application, it occupies space which is sometimes difficult for the user to download all the applications.