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iPrism mobile app

Landscape of the business is changing in various methodologies and verifies in vertical process. Gratitude the growth of the business sequential increases. Rental car Business idea was implemented in 2013 in India and it is said to be as renting a car for hourly or daily basis. For an emergency use or midway amount of extreme size category people mostly helpful in any particular situation.

Previously if a person needs the car for rent, then he/she has to consult car agency and move with all possibilities they prefer us. It consume masses of time. Periodically we may not find vehicle for our use and delay may cause. After implementation of mobile app development, users felt very free to move on and came to know the information of vehicles presence easily and booking strategy of services.

A little bit amount investment changes the whole scenario of the life of a person by beginning with few vehicles and as usual mid-range people living methodology. At present, it became the large establishment.They provide both drive in cities and outstation with in all conservatives.

All taxes included and  no hidden charges carried out by the customer. Needs to pay only entry taxes and toll tax while moving. It depends on the packages by your approach. Totally inbuilt with all specifications vehicle carried out.

GPS tracker is available in the vehicle, it is beneficial to every person who are travelling the car, the portable unit fixed to the departure and handled by traveller. Unfortunately, any incident happens it gives the information to the traveller. Many incidents happens and they safely came out from the situation and they are happy with their beloved ones. Wifi facility available in it.


  1. Fuel cost included

While consigning the vehicle they conserve fuel and by passing on the way if you refill the fuel, they will return the money after returning to the destination

  1. No hidden charges

All taxes included and  no hidden charges carried out by the customer. Due to any delay of it regreates with specially held specifications and it is trust-worthy.

  1. Flexi pricing packages

Pick-out of your desire places and count up the days and time period, it gives the flexible price with best packages

  1. Unlimited Kilometers

While consigning the vehicle, before itself owner permits facilities over the country in all extremes.

  1. Go Anywhere

Move any places without answering to anyone and find some sort of new things. Be enjoyable and furnish the knowledge by beneficial trip

  1. 24 hours Roadside assistance 

It helps to drivers when they breakdown their vehicles and breakdown cover includes with jump starting on  automobile

  1. Damage Insurance

Insurance available when any accidents occur or any damages caused by customers and need not to be tense regarding it.

  1. Gps tracking

Track the vehicle till end of the destination and overview captures by owner any destructive occurs.

  1. Wi-fi provides

Facility of Wi-Fi is available in vehicle and usable with free of cost

There is a facility to choose the car as you prefer and as per the car money calculates in different process. Let’s take an example, BMW cost is different to Ford, as usual it is much similar to it. It saves you money by providing with well furnished vehicle. More over it provide convenience, mobility and independence. Mostly self drive rental car located at Metropolitan-Cities. It still didn’t localised at urban and rural areas.

Special software helps to  tackles the logistical challenges of sharing by connecting to the mobile app. Customers were enjoying a lot by these types of facilities provided by rental car.

Graphical represent shows high leads and high-level of demand, customers are very likely to be engaged. Suppose, while travelling any issues occur like tyre puncher, diagnosing and repairing problems, or helping the people when the doors locked out of the car then roadside assistance is useful, indefinitely it directly reaches to the mobile app.

Mobile app development creatively implemented a very finite facilities in one mobi-app. iPrism Technologies generates new techniques in innovative process and create the solutions to various technical challenges and treats tremendously.