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ReactJS was a Front end library developed by Facebook and it is responsible for the rendering of UI components. ReactJS and React Native intermingled with immeasurable level and they were similar in only the name component and differs in each other. It has dynamic and high performance in User Interface and brings a dynamic input.

ReactJS vs React NativeIn 2011, React JS starting version was released and recently on April 19th 2019 React360 v1.0.0 Version was released. ReactJS is built through Javascript to implement a new perspective of rendering pages. ReactJS were utility process was increased and then tech members assisted each other to develop the React Native. React Native released in March 2015. ReactJS and React Native app act best in mobile app development companies.


 ReactJs is also called it as React and it is an open-source technology used by JavaScript to build the one-page applications by UI. It is Front end library and here there is a way to send any old HTTP server to users such as PHP inside Apache, PHP inside Nginx, Rails inside passengers, NodeJS, Plain Apache, Plain Ngnix, yes and Java TomCat. ReactJS used for Web browsing.

Debugging and Design tools were covered by it, It is one kind of benefit to React JS. It is available in Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Reactive Component Hierarchy enables and finds the child components and parent components. ReactJS scrutinize the present state and pros. It changes the optimal fetching data and requires the recorded data.  

The notable feature considers One-way data binding with pros. It is passed to the parent component and receives the unchangeable value. Virtual Document object model creates in-memory data-structure cache, effectively differentiate the results by computing and browser DOM. Previously, the refreshing process of facebook contains a lot of time and to access fast partial DOM as used. Such a way it increases the process and faster programming. 

Advantages of ReactJS considers the reuse code components,  improves the debugging speed easily readable, receiving the benefits in java language and in ecosystems of java. React JS has a need to built an animation feature by CSS or JavaScript libraries. To navigation, the ReactJS use the React-router.

React Native:

React Native is a Javascript framework. It is used for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications development in iOS and Android. To improve performance builts with Native Modules and Native components by React. JavaScript library targets the mobile apps but not web development and React Native application uses the JSX, it is the combination of JS and XML-Esque markup. 

DOM is an abstraction of React and React is the abstraction of React Native. Here it clearly shows that the syntax is similar but differ in components. Right before unmounting removes the Document Object Model in it.  React Native no need of building their animation feature, It is inbuilt. To navigation here, it has its own navigation process to built the route and it quietly differs to the ReactJS. It can compile its program with all Platforms, it is very beneficial to the user, but it carries more time to reach all platforms.


The two technologies seem to be the same, it confuses to the users but it is the same in name and coming to process it differently in the domain. Some time ReactJS act as an important theme in the React Native. Finally ReactJS for Web applications Development and React Native for Mobile apps.