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iOS 13 new version is going to release on September 19th with new look and with a new extends. It ensures with major updates of apps you use thoroughly, involves many ways to protect your privacy with new strategies, and it improves in each and every step of the entire system that makes your iPhone faster and easy to use by the user. A lot of changes were held in iOS 13. As per the mobile app development companies, there is a possibility to learn variations and modulation of developing so that they develop all their applications.

iOS 13


iOS 13 Highlights

Dark Mode

A special feature introduced with a new look in iPhone, It automatically turns the dark mode at night. 

Portrait lightening Control

Photos and Camera can create the look of you by changing the intensity of light in portrait lightening control.

High Key Mono

High Key Mono also comes under in Photos that you can add monochromatic effect to your portrait mode photos. It shows the curated view of photos what you had in every day, month and year. 

Redesigned Editing

Here given the option in a camera that you can control any type of adjustments or filter your photos as per your way.

Powerful Video Editing

Previously there is a lot of options in photos that you can take in any style by rotating the mob ups and downs, crop the pic and auto-enhance while coming to videos no option held similar to it, at present, there is a lot of changes occurred in videos.

Home kit Secure Video

The sub-title itself expressing the home security and privacy by the camera.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri works with the apps in many powerful ways that built in the shortcuts app. 


A new map rebuilt with the ground up and its immersive experiences of 3D and mobile can access easily, it shows the building in 3D images that when you zoom it. Before visiting the places it shows the famous places of those locations.

Announce messages with Siri on Air Pods

Messages can be read by Siri loud need not to sop your work and come near to mobile and pick it up, it is very audible and clear to the user and had a feature of audio sharing with beloved ones, it has the two sets of Air pods to one iPhone. 

Memoji and Messaging

It has a great option of memoji that can able to make a one trillion of memojis with different styles as per your need, such as you can make up it, you can change the different hairstyle, you can make them desi-girl or desi-boy. These stickers can also use in third-party apps.

Share Your Name & Photo:

While you were contacting other people, they can see your image or memoji’s what you have saved in your mobile. 

Quick Path Typing

Easily can type by swiping the letters from one to next.

Quick Tool Bar

In reminders, the quick toolbar is useful to add times, dates, locations, flags, photos, scanned documents and more.

Smart Lists

It indicated in reminders, that we can provide the automatic organizing remainders, schedule the dates or intimate the present deals and much more.


Introducing the car play dashboard on the mobile, through mobile you can able to operate it. It includes the new calendar app and Apple Music app.


Faster unlock while comparing to iOS 12 version, previously if we have the face lock, it uses to take the duration of 30 seconds approximately, more than it acts fast.

Augmented Reality

We can place the virtual objects here or there naturally for a more immersive experience.


It also came forward with many more updated specification in Apple Arcade, Voice Control, Text formatting tools in the mail, new and improved notes, a more personalized health app, an improved start page in safari, a more advanced files app, text editing and navigation, font management and smarter ways to share.