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Android 10 new version was released on September 3rd, 2019. It includes substantial changes to protect privacy, customize your phone and many more have been taken place. As per the mobile app development companies, there is a chance to learn all the nuances of developing so that they develop all their applications. Let’s analyze the features of Android 10 Q in a teeny weeny second and let’s scroll down all the way.

android 10

Android 10 highlights:

  • Live Caption
  • Smart Reply
  • Sound Amplifier
  • Gesture Navigation
  • Dark Theme
  • Privacy Controls
  • Location Controls
  • Security Updates 
  • Focus Mode
  • Family Link

Live Caption:

By single tap, an automatic live video was a caption, podcasts and audio messages. It also had the option of recording yourself. These actions can able to perform without data or wi-fi. 

Smart Reply:

Here you get the suggested responses to your messages, Let I tell you an example suppose one of my friends texted me that shall we go out for certain area bla bla bla. Automatically it starts suggesting to us with related answers as a yes or no or ok and if we mentioned the location in the text, it also suggests by pulling up the directions of google map, once we click the map it shows the distance between my pointing to location pointing. Simply can say that it acting as a single in message apps.

Sound Amplifier:

With Sound Amplifier you can boost the sound, filter the background noises and fine-tune as per your comfort in your mobile. While conversing with others, watching the television or listening to the lectures, just use headsets and listen to it, you can hear clearly without any kind of disturbance.

Gesture Navigation:

Gesture navigation gets around with a simple process of swiping and pulling. It is intuitive and too faster than previous. It is easier to swipe up-down, pull the screens, easily able to see the open apps by one swipe and come back to the home screen all just done in a fraction of seconds.

Dark Theme:

While comparing to previous versions when you need the dark screen option it just applies on the home screen, not into the apps. Meanwhile, in Android 10 it updated dark mode to the apps. It saves battery life by preferring the dark mode and easy on your eyes. It changes the look of all the apps and by seeing it you feel very better and experience great.

Privacy Controls:

Keep your data with more controls, find and adjust your privacy settings at one place. Similar to Web and App activity decide what activity stored for how much period. It controls your location when you are sharing with apps at all the time and Opt-out of ads personalization, let we have an example to clear study regarding this point instruct apps not to use your advertising ID to build profiles or show you the personalised app then click the on or off option as per your needs. For each and every step it asks to verify yourself or it just intimate to be secure your belonging apps. It also had privacy on Google play system updates. Privacy fixes can able to fix on the direction in the mobile by google play. 

Focus Mode:

Focus mode is helpful for distracting the app just by a single tap. It is in beta and helps to select the app to stop temporarily.

Family Link:

Family link is set to digital ground rules and help to make healthy habits. You can able to do a few things, they were

  1. Set the screen time limits 
  2. Manage the content what you see
  3. Able to see the device location

Special feature it has the digital well being it comes under quality time, few of them do the video calls at weekends and few of them use daily to video chat with their dears and nears, Android 10 gives you the tools to balance.

Android 10 introduces the new emojis nearly 65, hope it attracts the users more, and wi-fi can share the password by using the QR code and it also beneficial by securing our password.

Android Auto presently comes to built-in, just move on and plugin in your mobile and start using Android on your car’s display at no app is needed to download to do this process.